Jessi (제시) - Boomerang Teaser with 스트릿 우먼 파이터 (SWF) | YGX

Jessi (제시) - Boomerang Teaser with 스트릿 우먼 파이터 (SWF) | YGX

Jessi Digital Single 'Cold Blooded'

💿 2021.10.12 Tue 6PM KST
🎬 2021.10.13 Wed 12:30AM KST

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  1. Zothantluangi

    Zothantluangi27 أيام قبل

    The best

  2. T LV

    T LVأشهر قبل

    Whats the name of the Blonde girl

  3. 방탄소년단 ツ株式会社あの Avril Saenz vazquez

    방탄소년단 ツ株式会社あの Avril Saenz vazquezأشهر قبل


  4. fallinYu

    fallinYuأشهر قبل


  5. Chun Yin Keith Lam

    Chun Yin Keith Lamأشهر قبل


  6. Şeyma

    Şeymaأشهر قبل


  7. Fyi bee

    Fyi beeأشهر قبل

    Why is team want and team wayb not there in the music video?

  8. ReeRee

    ReeReeأشهر قبل


  9. Deba Pay

    Deba Payأشهر قبل

    Ygx 🔥

  10. Diana Ikhsan

    Diana Ikhsanأشهر قبل

    YGX 🥰

  11. Yutup Hanya

    Yutup Hanyaأشهر قبل

    Congratulation ygx

  12. 이응

    이응أشهر قبل

    ygx가 ㄹㅇ 간지다..


    VIP BIGBANGأشهر قبل

    agh. i cant wait!

  14. 메롱

    메롱أشهر قبل

    제시 혼자 되감기해놓은거같냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제시 느낌있게 개잘추네 ㅁㅊ

  15. Giselle

    Giselleأشهر قبل

    I'm so excited.

  16. 이보보

    이보보أشهر قبل

    예지?씨가 표정참잘하는듯

  17. kykoyomi

    kykoyomiأشهر قبل

    i love this one 🤙

  18. Chen Lan

    Chen Lanأشهر قبل

    Waiting for this song yo come out so bad

  19. EXO-L

    EXO-Lأشهر قبل

    Omg wow

  20. Wulan Fitriani

    Wulan Fitrianiأشهر قبل

    yell is so gorgeous

  21. kartika sari

    kartika sariأشهر قبل

    Jessi x YGX is dopeness 💙

  22. la mejor jeongyeonista

    la mejor jeongyeonistaأشهر قبل

    *c muere por ver tanta belleza*

  23. Bea Mirtes

    Bea Mirtesأشهر قبل

    My babies ygx galsssss

  24. alexa pradi

    alexa pradiأشهر قبل


  25. sheshe ison

    sheshe isonأشهر قبل

    Very catchy reminds me of wap for intro please correct me if i am wrong!

  26. Fibri Fika Aryanti

    Fibri Fika Aryantiأشهر قبل

    GO YGX❤️❤️❤️

  27. sejin 75

    sejin 75أشهر قبل


  28. Nino Xoshtaria

    Nino Xoshtariaأشهر قبل


  29. Lita Eka

    Lita Ekaأشهر قبل

    Love ygx and jessi

  30. cute

    cuteأشهر قبل

    YGX And queen YGX you are the best

  31. Biancas Alcoriza

    Biancas Alcorizaأشهر قبل

    Where is hook????

  32. Malak Sa

    Malak Saأشهر قبل


  33. jungkookaah0

    jungkookaah0أشهر قبل

    She has her own style and I like it very much

  34. Chioma Ibem

    Chioma Ibemأشهر قبل

    I seriously can't wait for this song

  35. Mameii laliz

    Mameii lalizأشهر قبل

    I​ love​ you​ I​ love​ ygx

  36. Thuan Gonmei

    Thuan Gonmeiأشهر قبل

    COLD BLOODED × YGX🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🖤

  37. Thuan Gonmei

    Thuan Gonmeiأشهر قبل

    YGX Choreography is trendy. They are just amazing dancers. Love from India 💎💚🖤

  38. Thuan Gonmei

    Thuan Gonmeiأشهر قبل

    Jessie × YGX 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Thuan Gonmei

    Thuan Gonmeiأشهر قبل

    YGX × PNation to be on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. 사랑아춘식해

    사랑아춘식해أشهر قبل

    제시 스무스한거보소 ㄷㄷ 간지나 ~~~

  41. 편순이지민

    편순이지민أشهر قبل

    예리님 잘생쁨..

  42. Lili J

    Lili Jأشهر قبل


  43. Yangam Sonam 503

    Yangam Sonam 503أشهر قبل

    YGX GET IT!!

  44. Angel Kecha Sibug

    Angel Kecha Sibugأشهر قبل

    I love Queen Jessi and YGX! I cant wait for the Music Video!

  45. Sweet TR12

    Sweet TR12أشهر قبل

    LETS GOO YGX ❤️‍🔥

  46. Difa Danishmara

    Difa Danishmaraأشهر قبل


  47. Psy Mae

    Psy Maeأشهر قبل

    Yeah 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Rahmi Widya Octavia

    Rahmi Widya Octaviaأشهر قبل

    Jessi my love collab with ygx plisss

  49. AK

    AKأشهر قبل

    YGX fighting!!

  50. pricll hn

    pricll hnأشهر قبل

    this is so iconic! ygx move

  51. Nur Fitriani

    Nur Fitrianiأشهر قبل

    Yeri unnie sangat cantik

  52. Alvyn Not Alvin

    Alvyn Not Alvinأشهر قبل

    Jessi may say to them,"Tell Lisa I love her!" chos! delulu

  53. likey k

    likey kأشهر قبل


  54. wadkhulii jannatii

    wadkhulii jannatiiأشهر قبل


  55. A D

    A Dأشهر قبل

    i love Jessi.. like her savageness and practicality.. And my new found ygx.. they are savage at the floor, tgey became different specially lee jung.. she always smile and enjoy the battles but creates freakin awesome choreo.. i Wish and hope Jessi chooses ygx. they are both on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Haleena Eve

    Haleena Eveأشهر قبل

    Jessie already picked YGX

  57. A D

    A Dأشهر قبل

    but i just realize.. cant see hook boomerang.. oh no..

  58. 신원섭

    신원섭أشهر قبل


  59. Reethm

    Reethmأشهر قبل


  60. Reethm

    Reethmأشهر قبل

    Nobody like ygx😣❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  61. Huston Brice

    Huston Briceأشهر قبل

    Hi ❤️🥰🥰💫💫💫😉✨✨😉😉😍😍♥️♥️😘😘💕💕💝💕💋🦋😎Hee Hee Aw

  62. Prakriti Karki

    Prakriti Karkiأشهر قبل


  63. Adelia Ramadhanti

    Adelia Ramadhantiأشهر قبل

    Hopefully their choreography will be used in this song!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  64. 귀여운초코랑우유랑

    귀여운초코랑우유랑أشهر قبل

    노래도넘조아^~^ 음원1위가자~!

  65. 귀여운초코랑우유랑

    귀여운초코랑우유랑أشهر قبل


  66. Ansa Herrer

    Ansa Herrerأشهر قبل


  67. nayaajeon

    nayaajeonأشهر قبل


  68. Keenan Meidi

    Keenan Meidiأشهر قبل

    Let's rock baby ❤️❤️ I'm sure its gonna be banger🔥🔥

  69. Nino Xoshtaria

    Nino Xoshtariaأشهر قبل


  70. Song Cassie

    Song Cassieأشهر قبل

    YG's choreography is so... boring and simple for Jessy's style, for me the best was Hook's because it highlights all the sensuality of dancing.

  71. Kevin Paguyo

    Kevin Paguyoأشهر قبل


  72. G-cell at Work

    G-cell at Workأشهر قبل

    Yell so stunning

  73. kim yejin

    kim yejinأشهر قبل

    와젝스 넘좋아🖤🖤🖤🖤

  74. Krazykid

    Krazykidأشهر قبل

    Jessi vibe don’t match with yg

  75. Marisukemaui

    Marisukemauiأشهر قبل

    If YGX choreo isn't picked imma be so sad alkjfnlsdsjnf

  76. estefania cambisaca

    estefania cambisacaأشهر قبل


  77. SW123 N

    SW123 Nأشهر قبل

    Soo jessi chose ygx in the end

  78. dohwimin

    dohwiminأشهر قبل

    no coz this could be a good challenge and jessi usually does that,, lets call it ice challenge omg omg

  79. Gassaykey

    Gassaykeyأشهر قبل

    Finally full hiphop jessi

  80. Ma.Cristina Datiles

    Ma.Cristina Datilesأشهر قبل


  81. Møi

    Møiأشهر قبل


  82. Nino Xoshtaria

    Nino Xoshtariaأشهر قبل

    This choreo is best In my opinion

  83. Nino Xoshtaria

    Nino Xoshtariaأشهر قبل

    If jessi choose Ygx Choreo I am Gonna Die Bc Their Choreos are My Fav and i think Its will be so Trandy in Tik tok and many Social media to...

  84. Nino Xoshtaria

    Nino Xoshtariaأشهر قبل

    Yeaah Ygx and Jessi

  85. Aurel

    Aurelأشهر قبل

    이 노래는 yangx에 딱 맞습니다.

  86. Siti Noor Diana

    Siti Noor Dianaأشهر قبل

    Ygx ❤️‍🔥

  87. althea

    altheaأشهر قبل

    i really love the synergy of vibes!!!

  88. Aaisha

    Aaishaأشهر قبل


  89. Lady Rose

    Lady Roseأشهر قبل

    Love yoooouuuu

  90. srishti

    srishtiأشهر قبل

    I love their choreo and it really matches with jessi

  91. Shenna Tv

    Shenna Tvأشهر قبل

    This choreography made for jessi new song. So catchy and swag it really suits to jessi style.🔥 YGX FIGHTING!!..

  92. NIKA Angela

    NIKA Angelaأشهر قبل

    Either prowdman, yg or their choreo..

  93. Roses Rosie

    Roses Rosieأشهر قبل

    YGX YGX let's go 💃

  94. MongGee Chan

    MongGee Chanأشهر قبل

    YGX give a lit trendy and catchy choreography ever !!!

  95. amimoaa

    amimoaaأشهر قبل

    I really like YGX's choreography So catchy and make you addicted to see it

  96. dontmindme

    dontmindmeأشهر قبل

    reminds me of wap tho, the intro

  97. Aubrey Gamayo

    Aubrey Gamayoأشهر قبل


  98. Y A E L ¦ 개

    Y A E L ¦ 개أشهر قبل

    Ahhhh que emoción!

  99. 유

    أشهر قبل

    제시 너무 좋다 제시 노래 한번 틀면 족히 10번은 연속으로 들음 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ그 만큼 좋아

  100. Justin Jomel Consulta

    Justin Jomel Consultaأشهر قبل

    I will be all over the place cuz Jessi and YGX will have collab!!! Their choreo siutsss well with the music. So dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  101. Syafrina

    Syafrinaأشهر قبل

    Pleasee colab Agnes Mo

  102. moanstah

    moanstahأشهر قبل

    cant waittttt!